​​​​Because humor is funnier when you know it's true.

Not only bears do it

Back in our late teens and early 20’s, a group of us decided to go camping on a 4th of July

weekend.  The parents of one friend shared ownership of about 125 acres in upstate NY, which we were allowed to use.  The property only had a cabin with no facilities, and a relative’s camping trailer, so most of us brought tents.  Though we all had partying in mind, we had to share the land with our friend’s relatives that weekend, and so we needed to be somewhat respectful of their presence. 

As that very hot and humid weekend progressed, the property’s only outhouse was becoming an increasingly undesirable place to have to go.  Apparently one of the young women, who will remain unnamed, decided that the outhouse was too nasty to enter, and so she just squatted out in the woods to leave her load. 

Later that weekend, some of us sat talking with our friend’s aunt.  Apparently she had a little lap dog that she would let roam the property.  After one of its explorations, her little dog returned to her trailer and jumped on her lap as usual.  Suddenly she let out a horrible scream!  Her dog had apparently found the little ‘treasure’ in the woods from that unnamed women, had rolled in it, and had returned to share it with auntie.

​- Rick M.