​​​​​​Because humor is funnier when you know it's true.

Pimped or punked?

Four of my college buddies needed an outlet for their raging hormones. They knew that finding willing women in a bar was time-consuming and unreliable, and so they decided to travel into New York City to find professional help. 

They drove to an area known for its ladies of the evening. Since they looked very out of place there, an enterprising young man from the hood immediately spotted them and asked if they were looking for action. They said yes, and so he told them that he was an agent for a woman upstairs in a nearby apartment. He said that they needed to provide pre-payment for her services, to be placed in a sealed envelope. He took each of their payments put them in the envelope and started to walk to her apartment to pre-pay so that he could get his commission. 

Not so fast. One of the more astute guys said that wasn’t going to work for them, and insisted that they needed to hold onto their money. So the agent said that he would initial the envelope to make sure he received proper credit from the lady when they made payment. When they agreed, he initialed envelope, wrote down her apartment number, and handed the envelope back to them. 

Once upstairs, they knocked on her door but got no response. After knocking repeatedly with no success, they decided that the whole thing was a bust. At least they still had their money so that they could do a new search. But when they opened the envelope, their money was gone, replaced by pieces of newspaper! They had not noticed their agent’s switcheroo! By the time they got back down to the street, he was long gone, and so were their hopes for female comfort that evening.

- Anonymous