​​​​Because humor is funnier when you know it's true.

The rookie


I was relatively new at my job and traveled with some coworkers to make a sales presentation at a client near one of our regional offices. During our time there, the senior partner at that office served as our host. After completing our meeting the partner offered to drive us back to the airport. We were tight on time to catch our flights, but he wanted us to see the new lakeside house he was having built. 

And so we made a quick stop to see his very impressive home. As a final stop on the house tour, the partner took us out on his back deck to enjoy the view. Since I was the last person to come through the door, I thought I would be conscientious and close the door behind me to keep bugs out of the house. Little did I realize that with that closing, the door locked behind me. And the manager had no key. We tried calling his wife and yelling to his neighbors to no avail. 

To make matters worse, the deck was raised over 15 feet above ground, with a treacherous drop onto a severely sloped ground below. The clock was ticking to catch our flights so all eyes turned to me. As the closer of the door, and the youngest person in the group, I realized that if anyone was going to risk his life, it was going to have to be me. 

And now with only about 45 minutes to our flights, I had to act quickly. I took off my suit jacket and shirt, revealing my embarrassingly beat up t-shirt. Oh well, no time to worry about maintaining my GQ look. Rather than taking a chance on breaking my leg in a fall, I worked my way down along the supporting understructure of the deck until I could get to an adjacent supporting wall. From there, I dropped to the ground and went around to the front door to quickly open the back door for the deck prisoners.

We managed to get to the airport barely in time to catch our flights. With a simple closing of a door, I had made a lasting impression with my coworkers. I decided to buy some new t-shirts too.

- Anonymous